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MOTI completes EU-project

MOTI has been lead partner in the EU-project Health Technological Service Program (Sundhedsteknologisk Serviceprogram) by Life Science Innovation North Denmark which we got granted in January 2019. The project has now been finalized running from April 2019 to December 2020!

The project was for developing the first version of the MOTI hardware and software, and the redesign and optimization of the products’ physical parts, together with performing scientific tests with MOTI regarding its reliability and exploring potentiel new functionalities of MOTI.

The last couple of months the EU-project has been all about the latter, where it was discovered that MOTI has potential in measuring balance. You can read more about these discoveries in our blogs about balance; postural sway and dynamic stability, here:

The Health Technological Service Program is an EU-program where at least three SMEs and a public knowledge institution are collaborating to develop a new innovative solution within the healthcare sector. MOTI constituted the group of SMEs together with the IoT-company Xtel Wireless, the medical hardware company Medodan, and the physiotherapy clinic Apex Fysio - the public knowledge institution being The Faculty of Medicine at Aalborg University.

The program kickstarted the development of the MOTI measuring system and enabled continuous feedback and input from physiotherapists and musculoskeletal experts throughout the project. This has contributed to MOTI as a new company have had the opportunity to share knowledge on equal terms with the already established partners and accelerate the development of the MOTI measuring system. MOTI wouldn’t have been in the stage it is today without the program.

We are working at full speed to finish our MOTI measuring system to provide you with the best product as possible!

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