Early release - MOTI Measuring Set

Buy your MOTI today and get a 15% discount before we launch! Your MOTI will be shipped, when the product releases in the mid of 2021.


With the MOTI measuring set you can measure your patient’s changes in their physical stage during rehabilitation treatment. MOTI measures Joint Range of Motion (ROM) and Quality of Movement (QOM) of all extremity joints + the neck and is hands-free during measurement, which contributes to MOTI delivering objective, reliable measurements you can use to motivative your patient. MOTI also measures Joint Repositioning (JRP) off-set to evaluate the state in the patient’s level of proprioception.


*Phone is not included.

*The MOTI mobile application is required in order to measure.

*Price is without taxes.


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Early release MOTI measuring set

  • Set contains:1 MOTI measuring unit, 100 pcs. of MOTI disposable stickers, 1 MOTI strap, 1 MOTI wireless charger

    Connection: Bluetooth  5.0

    Charger: Wireless charging with USB