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Are you one of many physiotherapists struggling to motivate patients?

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patients do not trust your eyesight-based assessments of their progress in joint range of motion.

You can achieve better measurement with a digital goniometer.

Otherwise, they will not feel that they are making progress – in fact, many patients in physiotherapy report precisely this.

If that's the case, how can they be expected to remain motivated?

…Which leads us to the next point: You want reliable and consistent ways to measure your patient, but you avoid the traditional goniometer. because you recognize that

If you make these types of assessments and gauge a progress of e.g. 130° one week, to 135°

the next… these subjective measurements can seem unreliable to your patients. Patients want objective, accurate and reliable ways to consistently measure their progress from one week to the next.

How can we effectively measure patient's progress?

the traditional goniometer has its limitations...

Many physiotherapists see that traditional goniometer is nonoptimal in at least two ways:

Firstly, it fails to measure deviations in joint range of motion progress of up to 7° – a large number when considering any real progress in physical rehabilitation is good progress! Wouldn’t you like to be able to reassure your patient in all stages of their recovery process, even when only minor progress occurs?

The second issue is that the regular goniometer requires that the practitioner uses both hands... How can you effectively guide your patients in their exercises, if both of your hands are being used?


...Which begs the question

how do you effectively keep your patients motivated and engaged in their path towards recovery?  

You would need a way to measure your patients reliably, accurately, and consistently.

...A way to relay this quantitative data to your patients without them doubting its accuracy.

If so, it is likely not your fault – and the issue is fixable. 

The problem is connected to technological inadequacy, and insufficient methods for communicating progress to patients.

If you’re a practicing physiotherapist, you may have experienced that

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So, with a dedicated team of experts, lots of rigorous scientific research and experimentation... We concocted the MOTI digital goniometer – a reliable and consistent measuring- and motion analysis device intended to solve the issues we previously outlined.

MOTI is a hands-free, pebble-sized digital measuring device that makes objective measurements on all joints on patients.

You can measure joint range of motion and movement quality measurements, and the device documents all progress for you.

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With MOTI, you can

Save Time!

Our app records and documents all relevant data for you – no more paperwork needed.

Motivate patients

 based on objective and accurate quantitative data.

Have hand-free procedures

help patients in their exercises.

Easily follow progress

being made along patients' path towards recovery.

Accurately measure improvements

in patients' movement quality based on state-of-the-art motion analysis technology.

Now you know, why not go go forward and sign up for early release? Before long, you can purchase your own MOTI device to enhance your practice!

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