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The future of objective measurements in physiotherapy

Many patients in rehabilitation have a hard time staying motivated if they can’t see or feel any progress throughout their process. Without motivation, there is a risk that the patients skip their treatment and thereby reduce the chance of getting better.

At MOTI we want to assist physiotherapists in helping their patients reach their potential physical stage as fast as possible. With our MOTI measuring system, you are able to objectively measure and record any changes in your patient’s mobility.

What is MOTI?

MOTI is a measuring device for measuring joint range of motion together with quality of movement and also joint repositioning off-set of all extremity joints and the neck in one single device. The measurements which have an accuracy within +/-1 degree are automatically saved and compared with previous measurements so you can easily track the process between consultations.

The MOTI set consists of a measuring device, two mounting solutions; a strap and disposable stickers, and a software application which processes the measurement data and visualizes the results.

MOTI is hands-free because of its mounting directly on the patient according to the respective joint. This enables you to have full focus on the patient’s movement and assist if necessary.

The MOTI measuring device is wirelessly controlled through the MOTI application and has wireless charging as well. The device is small and takes up almost no space on the table - where it will always be ready for your assistance.

MOTI is built on a foundation of scientific research; we are founded by product developers, PhD-level scientists and physiotherapists with expert knowledge in musculoskeletal examination and assessment.

Our mission is to develop the best solutions for quantifying the quality of movement of the human body based on scientific evidence to standardize the way of assessing the physical stage.

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