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The first research paper using MOTI is out!

We are very excited to announce that the first research paper using MOTI is out. Not only does this new paper's study show that MOTI is very good at recording human movements, but it also shows that it actually produces comparable results to what can normally only be done in a laboratory setting, using expensive and high-tech equipment. These results highlight the possibilities of having research-grade equipment that can be used directly in a clinical setting, making it easier than ever to get immediate, high-quality data without the need for high-tech skills to extract the data. So, what did this new study actually do?

The study, which was published in the European Journal of Physiotherapy, compared two methods of measuring neck and head movements: a 3D camera system and MOTI, which is an inertial measurement unit (IMU). From a seated position, while blindfolded, 30 healthy participants performed head rotations using both the 3D camera and MOTI. Data was collected for head range of motion (how far you are moving the head), head repositioning accuracy (the ability to return the head back to the same neutral position after movement) and quality of movement (how smoothly the movement was performed).

Image: MOTI vs. Camera

The study found good-to-excellent agreement between the recordings of the 3D camera system and MOTI, indicating that the two methods produced similar results. In other words, both methods were reliable and can be used interchangeably to assess neck and head movement disorders. Overall, this study suggests that MOTI, compared to a 3D camera system (gold standard), is a good tool for assessing neck and head movements. MOTI provides researchers and clinicians with an accurate and reliable way to measure neck and head movement disorders.

Read the full article here:

Stay tuned for more news on MOTI!

Image: When measuring neck movement, position the MOTI device on your forehead



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