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MOTI receives investment - now we are ready to optimize the future of physiotherapy

During the waves of the corona crisis, MOTI managed to raise investment, which makes it possible to start the production of the first batch of MOTI devices and launch MOTI to the market in the end of 2020.

The investment round had almost just begun before MOTI got the HERAX Venture Fund onboard together with the private investor, EYRI ApS. This investment is going to accelerate the realization of the MOTI measuring system and MOTI’s mission to provide the best solutions for quantifying the Quality of Movement of the human body.

HERAX Venture Fund has great competencies within the pharmaceutical and medical device fields, which will be a great support for MOTI as a MedTech company.

MOTI is in the development of the very first product in its portfolio; a measuring device for physiotherapists to measure Joint Range of Motion and Quality of Movement of all extremity joints + the neck. The MOTI measuring device automatically compares the measurements to the previous to visualize the change in the patient's physical stage. The results can be accessed through the MOTI web-client where it is easy to export a report and paste it in the patient record - saving valuable time in the documentation process.

The design development of MOTI

Time for change

The idea of the MOTI device traces back to a master thesis project in Industrial Design Engineering in Aalborg University, where the founders Halldóra Auður Jónsdóttir and Marie Cathrine Soele Madsen started a collaboration with the musculoskeletal scientists Thorvaldur Skuli Palsson, Steffan Wittrup McPhee Christensen, and Rogerio Pessoto

Hirata back in February 2018.

Based on the scientific research by these three scientists, Halldóra and Marie investigated and defined the problems and needs in the physiotherapy field in relation to physiotherapists assessing patients in rehabilitation. The needs were translated into requirements, which initiated the development of the concept of the MOTI device. The development process is characterized by continuous thorough user involvement, validation, and testing.

When the master thesis came to an end with a very satisfying concept, the development had to be continued. Here a journey was initiated with Halldóra and Marie’s participation in the accelerator programs Innovative Growth by Erhvervshus Nordjylland and Innofounder Graduate by Innovation Fund Denmark, which granted them salaries for 1,5 year. Besides this financial support MOTI also got granted the EU-project ‘Health Technological Service Program’ (Sundhedsteknologisk Serviceprogram) by Life Science Innovation North Denmark and an Innobooster-project by Innovation Fund Denmark. It is these grants combined with a ton of hard work that has gotten MOTI to the place where it is today.

MOTI looks forward to the partnership with HERAX and EYRI and to the journey ahead and are certain that they together can sculpt the future of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.




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