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Exciting News: Second Research Paper Featuring MOTI Now Available!

We're thrilled to announce that the second research paper showcasing what MOTI is capable of has been published. This latest paper reinforces the previous findings, highlighting that MOTI not only excels in capturing human movements but does so with results on par with those obtained using costly laboratory equipment.

In this recent study, both head and trunk movements were monitored, yielding consistent outcomes.

Published in Musculoskeletal Science & Practice, this latest study compared simultaneous recordings of head and trunk movements using MOTI—and a 3D camera system. Participants performed various head and trunk movements, where both measuring devices simultaneously recorded range of motion (how far you move) and movement quality (how smooth you move). Collectively, the results were that the agreement between the two devices was almost as good as it can be. In other words, these findings show that clinicians can now effortlessly and accurately assess complex movements like trunk rotation with an easy and affordable manner: a task that has posed challenges to measure accurately until now.

Building upon our previous research, this study once again demonstrates the impressive reliability of MOTI in comparison to a 3D camera system. With these consistent results, there's little room to doubt that MOTI equips researchers and clinicians with an accurate and dependable means to quantify head and trunk movements.

What's even better, the research paper is accessible via open access under the Creative Commons CC-BY license. You can delve into the details without any barriers by visiting the following link: Read the Paper for Free.

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