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 Easy-to-use goniometer and motion analysis device

The MOTI set consists of a strap, a box of stickers and a simple sensory device containing both the goniometer and the advanced motion analysis technology. Included in the set is also our user-friendly app which functions as a rehabilitation development tracking device.

MOTI simplifies your medical practice by combining motion analysis with goniometry. Physiotherapists and other medical practitioners will no longer need to rely on eyesight, rough mental calculations and tiresome paperwork documentation.


Instead, with a small, pebble-sized digital device, you can now perform reliable and objective measurements of patients’ Joint Range of Motion (ROM) and Quality of Movement (QOM) measured as velocity, acceleration, and jerkiness. MOTI can be used for measuring all extremity joints + the neck.

Measurements made by MOTI are sent to, processed and saved onto the app and to the Cloud so you don’t have to.

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Objective assessment

MOTI is a multidisciplinary device and is the first of its kind to measure joint range of motion, quality of movement and joint repositioning off-set.

To secure maximum reliability in results, MOTI is mounted to the respective joints of the patient with specially designed mounting solutions.

Physiotherapist measuring right ange with goniometer. Hip flexion.
After measuring the right angle with goniometer, physiotherapist is setting MOTI product for recording the patient's progress.
MOTI is making your procedure hands free. This device is sending all the data directly to your mobile appliction. Applied during neck rotation.
Hands-free and removing clothes is no longer required

Our mounting solutions make your procedure  hands-free, enabling you the freedom to assist your patient in the motions and exercises that come with the app.

In addition, MOTI comes with a strap that can be attached to the respective areas on the patients body. This means your procedures no longer require patients to remove clothing.

Easily assess patients' progress

Results are automatically compared to earlier measurements in the MOTI application; here results can be extracted and imported directly into the patient’s record to save valuable time on documentation.

Results enable you and your patient to follow the effectiveness of your treatment. Crystal-clear results will help to keep your patients motivated along their path towards recovery.

MOTI can be placed anywhere on the human body. Results are imported directly to the patient's record. Better and effective way of treatment.
  • Measures Joint Range of Motion

  • Measures Quality of Movement

  • Measures Joint Repositioning off-set

  • Comparable with the golden standard

  • Applicable for all extremity joints and neck

  • Automatic comparison of measurements

  • Bluetooth®

  • Hands-free during measurements

  • Simple setup

  • Wireless charging

  • Android & Apple

Product set
Part of the MOTI product set is a measuring device.
Part of the MOTI product set is a mobile application..
Mobile application
A single device for all joints

With MOTI you can measure joint range of motion and quality of movement of the neck and all extremity joints; shoulder, elbow/forearm, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle. This eliminates the need for multiple assessment methods and tools and ensures equally high precision of the measurement of every joint.

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MOTI logo blue.png
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