Funds and Programs


We are proud to be a part of the exclusive InnoFounder – Graduate program operated by Innovation Fund Denmark, The Danish Design Centre, and CIID (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design). This program offers 12 months of salaries to the two founders and DKK 70.000 for product development together with office space at the great StartupWorks Aalborg. The program is a huge support in getting MOTI from idea to a realized product.

LSI - Life Science Innovation Northern Denmark

Through LSI we are a part of an SSP-project (Sundhedsteknologisk serviceprogram), where the development of a finished prototype of MOTI is 50% funded by the European Union. LSI contributes with sparring through the process and a great network of healthcare companies and healthcare personnel. When the SSP-project ends in 2020, we will have a finished prototype of MOTI.

Innovative Growth

The Innovative Growth program – operated by Erhvershus Nordjylland, SEA (Supporting Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University), and UCN (University College Northern Jutland) – was the beginning of MOTI. Here the two founders got the opportunity to start developing the company and the business idea for 6 months without taking a large risk. In this way, we could be sure that there is a potential in MOTI, improving quality of movement, on the market before going further.

We finished the Innovative Growth program March 3th 2019.


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