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Measure Joint Range of Motion, Quality of Movement and Joint Repositioning easily with MOTI and track the development of your clients in rehabilitation.

What is MOTI?
Range of Motion and Quality of Movement
Range of Motion (ROM) & Quality of movement Neck, Whiplash traning

With MOTI you are now able to measure both passive and active Range of Motion of all extremity joints + the neck in one product. When Range of Motion is measured the result is displayed together with a graph of your client’s Quality of Movement.


Quality of Movement shows your client’s path of movement during the measurement of Range of Motion and it consists of four graphs of position, velocity, acceleration, and jerkiness over time.


A measurement is automatically compared with the previous measurements and a graph of your client’s development is displayed for each measured movement.

MAX Range of Motion (ROM) & Quality of movement average
Range of motion (ROM) progress in rehabilitation
Joint Repositioning
Joint Repositioning (JRP) Shoulder

This feature allows you to measure your client’s proprioceptive sense which can be impaired due to e.g. pain, injury or operation. Until now, it has only been possible to measure Joint Repositioning on the neck in the clinic, but with MOTI you are now able to measure all extremity joints + the neck.

The measurement is performed by getting your client to try to hit a goal position with closed eyes. Measuring your client’s Joint Repositioning off-set throughout their rehabilitation process shows a picture of your client’s development in their proprioceptive sense.

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Get access to all your data, compare results, and export comparison and client process overview on the computer through the MOTI Web-Client. Accessible with the MOTI Premium subscription.

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