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MOTI is a measuring device developed for physiotherapy. With MOTI, you can as a physiotherapist perform reliable measurements of joint range of motion (ROM) together with the quality of the movement (QOM) measured as velocity, acceleration, and jerkiness. MOTI acts as a supplement to your current evaluation of your clients without taking extra time from the consultation as MOTI is fast and easy to set-up.

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MOTI is the first measuring device to measure both Joint Range of Motion and Quality of Movement - it also has the ability to measure Joint Repositioning off-set. To secure maximum reliability in results, MOTI is mounted to the respective joint with the special designed mounting solutions.

Adapted to
the procedure

MOTI is specially developed to assist in the procedure of assessing a patient’s physical state in a clinical environment, being a plug-and-play-device for all joints. MOTI’s two mounting solutions make the measurements hands-free for the clinician, enabling the freedom to assist the patient in the movement/exercise.

the treatment effect

The results are automatically compared to earlier measurements in the MOTI application - here the results can be extracted and imported directly into the patient’s record to save time on documentation. The comparison of results makes it possible to follow the treatment effect and can be used to visualize the progress to the patient to make them stay motivated.

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